ANNOUNCEMENT: Curtis Park Fuel Center Conditional Use Permit Application will be reviewed at the Planning Commission’s Public Hearing on May 14, 5:30pm



The City of Sacramento Planning and Design Commission is scheduled to hear the Conditional Use Permit application for the Curtis Park Village Fuel Center on Thursday, May 14. If you would like to comment in a public forum, this is your opportunity.

Planning and Design Commission Meeting
Thursday, May 14, 2015
New City Hall
915 I Street, 1st Floor

For information and documents related to the proposed Fuel Center and SCNA’s position, visit

You can also contact Antonio Ablog, Community Development Department, 808-7702, or Refer to project P14-036.


SCNA has filed an appeal of the CPV Fuel Center permit approved by the Planning and Design Commission

SCNA has filed an appeal of the CPV Fuel Center permit approved by the Planning and Design Commission
On Friday, 6/19/15, SCNA filed an appeal of the Planning and Design Commission’s 8-3 decision to allow the CPV fuel center Conditional Use Permit. You can read the appeal letter here.  CPV Fuel Center Appeal points to City Council 6.19.15.

The matter will be heard at City Council sometime after their early-July recess. We will let you know how you can make your opinion heard as soon as we have a firm date for the hearing.

Thank you for your ongoing efforts to make Curtis Park and Curtis Park Village excellent places to live.

Eric Johnson
SCNA Board President

Curtis Park Streetlight Replacement Project Update

Curtis Park Streetlight Replacement Project

According to the City of Sacramento Department of Utilities, the Curtis Park Streetlight Replacement project is scheduled to start soon. This project only concerns streetlights in the area bound by East Curtis Drive, Sutterville Road, Franklin Blvd and Curtis Way. This project started in 2012 when it was discovered that the underground wiring to these streetlights is failing and needs to be replaced. The City also found some of the streetlight posts were in bad condition and either needed to be refurbished or replaced.

Project information from the Department of Utilities:

The construction bid for this project was advertised and bids were received in February. The construction is expected to begin in late spring or early summer of 2015. It is difficult to set the completion timeframe because this project involves inspecting each existing cast iron streetlight carefully and, if possible, refurbishing it prior to reinstalling it close to its existing location. There are many uncertainties in this process. Nonetheless, the City is hoping to complete the construction by the end of 2015.

A bid advertisement in 2014 related to the Curtis Park Streetlight Improvement project was for the procurement of the cast iron streetlight poles. That procurement required that the manufacturer produce casting molds and prototypes of cast iron streetlights identical to existing ones. It took the manufacturer more than six months, but they were able to meet the procurement requirement. The new cast iron streetlights will be needed to replace the existing fiberglass, steel pipe, and those that are not refurbishable. Union Metal of Ohio made the original Curtis Park streetlights decades ago and they are making the new streetlights using the original casts.

There will be some trenching in the neighborhood to install underground conductors and conduits. A new foundation will be built close to each existing streetlight for a refurbished or new cast iron streetlight. The existing foundation will be removed or abandoned. This part of the work will occur at the beginning of the construction and should be completed within two months. The City will inspect and supervise this work to ensure it is done properly and with minimum impact on the neighborhood. Prior to the work, the contractor will be required to post notice along with names and numbers of persons that neighbors may contact with any questions.

The new or refurbished lights will be equipped with LED luminaires with the same color temperature as the existing ones, but will consume less than 50% of the existing energy and last more than 15 years. Previous neighborhood concerns regarding the color of certain types of LED street lights might be valid years ago, but the industry has addressed this concern by producing luminaires that are in the warm color range. The “temperature” of colors of LED luminaires is measured on the kelvin scale. The higher on the scale, the cooler the color. The cooler white LED luminaires, prevalent five to 10 years ago, were in the 6000 Kelvin. They were made at the higher Kelvin in order to maximize the light output per watt of energy. LED luminaires nowadays are much more efficient, so the industry is able to make them in lower Kelvin while still able to gain more light output per watt. The existing luminaires in the Curtis Park area are in the 4000 K color temperature. The new LED luminaires will be of the same 4000 K. The only difference is in their power consumption which will be less than 50% of the existing ones.


Thank you,

SCNA Neighborhood Concerns Committee

City of Sacramento is looking for volunteers to help with William Curtis Park project this Saturday, 3/28, 8:30am-12pm

Curtis Park clean up Volunteer opportunity

This Saturday, March 28th, 2015 at William Curtis Park. We will be spreading out DG (decomposed granite) along the jogging path and leveling it out around the entire park. We may also be removing weeds as needed. We will be there from 8:30 am-12 pm or until done. We need volunteers to help!

Please RSVP for either event by emailing me attending followed by the park name , date and time you can volunteer. Thank you!


Angela Fisher


City of Sacramento, Department of Parks and Recreation

5370 24th Street Building 12

Sacramento, CA 95822

Office: 916-808-2285

Cell: 916-803-2904

Park Maintenance Worker

Interim Volunteer Coordinator

Adopt-A-Park Volunteers

SCNA submits Additional letter to the City regarding the proposed Fuel Center in Curtis Park Village

Click here to view the additional letter submitted 2/26/15 to the City opposing the fuel center in Curtis Park Village.

SCNA-ltr_2_26_15 supplement opposition to fuel center

Questions and concerns can be sent to


SCNA’s Neighborhood Concerns Committee Meeting Announcement: Wed., 2/25, 7pm in the Garden Room at Sierra 2 Center

Sierra Curtis Neighborhood Association

Neighborhood Concerns Committee Meeting

February 25th, 2015

7:00 pm in the Garden Room at the Sierra 2 Center, 2791 24th Street

NCC Agenda 

  1. Guest Speaker: Katie Valenzuela Garcia with Breathe California of Sacramento. Ms. Garcia will speak about a Cap and Trade Forum they are holding in May. She states:

” Breathe CA is working with a coalition of folks interested in developing better partnerships with local neighborhoods so we can collectively promote cleaner air and healthier communities.  We will be hosting a Cap and Trade Forum on Thursday,  May 7th from 6:00-8:00pm at the Guild Theatre, and want to use this opportunity both to inform folks about Cap and Trade as well as to start a conversation about neighborhood priorities. What are the biggest needs in your community? What do you want your neighborhood to look like in the future?”

2. City of Sacramento changing streets to Level of Service F: Update on SCNA letter to City on LOS F changes.

3. Update on changes to City of Sacramento Tree Ordinance.

  4 . William Curtis Park Clean up Day Saturday, March 14th from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.

The Sierra Curtis Neighborhood Association has adopted William Curtis Park through the City of Sacramento’s Partners in Parks Adopt-a-Park program. On March 14th, we are asking for neighborhood volunteers to help us clean up around the tennis courts and children’s playground. We will rake leaves, pick up fallen branches and clean the flower beds. Please bring your own gloves and wear hard shoes. Please contact to let us know you will be there or if you have any questions.

  1. NCC Budget Development Timeline for Fiscal Year 2016

We need to start roughing out our NCC budget. We need to submit our first draft for the April 8th Board meeting.

6.  We will elect the NCC chair(s) for 2015.

Thank you,


SCNA Responds to Petrovich Development Corporation Survey

SCNA submitted the attached letter to Councilman Schenirer and the City Council in response to the Curtis Park Village survey that was distributed by PDC recently.

Petrovich Survey letter to City 2-17-15

In Case You Missed It: Curtis Park Character Advocates neighborhood survey results

To view summary results, go to

A presentation of the full survey results will be conducted by students from Sacramento State University at Sierra 2 Center in Curtis Hall on Tuesday, Feb. 17, at 6:30pm.

2791 24th Street
Sacramento, CA 95818