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SCNA’s Neighborhood Concerns Committee meets this Wednesday, 7/25, at 7pm; Agenda includes Crime and Water Main Project updates

The next SCNA Neighborhood Concerns Committee meeting will be Wednesday, July 25th at 7:00 in the Garden Room at Sierra 2 Center.
Lots of stuff going on this month. The water main project is moving forward and we are hearing about more and more crime in the neighborhood.
1. Water Main Project
    You have probably seen construction on the Water Main project in the Southwest part of Curtis Park. The main water lines in the streets are being replaced, and new water meters will be installed. The project will soon move to other areas including Sutterville Road next   week. We will have representatives from the City of Sacramento and the project Construction Manager at our Wednesday meeting to discuss the work being done now and in the future. They will give us an overview of the project and an updated timeline. They can also answer
     questions like:

          When will the City repave the streets where the water main has already been replaced?

          What kind of access is needed for the City to read the new meters?

          What happens when the water main is in an alley? Where will the meter be installed and will the construction crew need to get into our backyards?

           If someone is on vacation, and doesn’t get the notice to move their vehicle, what will happen?

          How are trees being protected from damage during construction? (A backhoe knocked off some large branches at the beginning of construction).

2. Crime

 We need more Neighborhood Watch groups in Curtis Park and a more efficient way to communicate with each other about crime. For example, apparently 2 young guys on bicycles have been circling the neighborhood and breaking into houses. They first knock to see if anyone is home and they ask if you need some yard work done.  Another suspicious guy is going door to door and claims to work for a home alarm company, but he only seems to be gathering personal information and not really selling anything.  There have been 5 burglary attempts on Marshall in one week. Cars that are left open are being ransacked, etc., etc.

Please come to the meeting and help us with your ideas about what we can do to lower crime in Curtis Park. We need long-term, active participation from more neighbors. We will also have more information about the anti-crime National Night Out on August 7th. SCNA will be hosting an NNO meeting at the Sierra 2 Center. We need volunteers for this event.

If you are the victim of a crime and you think your neighbors should know about it, please email us with information after you’ve contacted the police.

Thanks, hope to see you on Wednesday.

John Mathews

Neighborhood Concerns Committee

Sierra Curtis Neighborhood Association


FYI- Sutterville Road Closure

Starting Monday, July 23, the Curtis Park Water Meter project will move onto Sutterville Road. Since the contractor will be placing new water mains in the street, the City will need to close one lane of Sutterville Road in each direction  and the suicide lane between Franklin Boulevard and 24th Street. Vehicles will be unable to turn from  the adjacent streets across oncoming traffic. This impact will continue throughout the week of July 23rd.

 Please be advised that in the following week, we anticipate all lanes of Sutterville to be opened while lanes of Franklin Boulevard are closed  to install new water mains.

 The City is conducting work on Sutterville Road and Franklin Boulevard over the next two weeks to eliminate the need to be on these streets when Sacramento City College begins its Fall semester and these roads are more heavily impacted.

 The installations of these water mains were planned as part of this project and are not tied to the water main break that occurred on July 18th.

 Customers with questions or concerns can call Chris Powell at 916-808-4031 or email




WARNING theft/break-in on 24th Street

A Curtis Park neighbor who lives on 5th Avenue near 24th Street came home to find it had been broken into. Most important thing taken was her iMac which is crucial to her livelihood. Someone said that two boys on bicycles were around at the time she had left for a lunch appointment around midday. The police said someone had seen two boys on bicycles carrying computers were seen around the neighborhood. 

Keep an eye out for two boys on bikes, and make sure your house is locked up whenever you leave. They had obviously watched and waited until the neighbor left her house, then broke in through a window.
If you see these boys please call the police so the boys’ most recent location can be noted. 
The boys are African American, or at least one of them is.

**ALERT: suspicious activity in Curtis Park**

I am sending this out to you because I do not know another way to get this info out to neighbors in a timely fashion.

Today I saw someone walking down our street (10th Ave, between W Curtis and 24th) at about 1:45pm. The person was standing in front of peoples homes and taking notes. I approached the person and asked him why he was writing down info about each home. He told me he was working for a security company installing security systems and showed me a brochure. Give that his brochure was old and beat up, I was rather suspicious of his story and returned to my house to call the police. I reported the activity to the dispatcher and she said she would send out a patrol car to investigate.

Approx 15 minutes later, I saw my neighbor across the street. I went to ask her about her impressions of the person. She was confused by my question – she kept saying, “you mean yesterday”. I said, “no, just 15 minutes ago”. I told her I saw the person standing on her porch writing things down. She said that was strange given that she had talked with him yesterday, answering a bunch of questions about her security system. Today, he was clearly on her porch at least 3 minutes today taking notes and he did not ring her doorbell. She also told me she “had a bad feeling” yesterday after he left. I called the dispatcher back and reported the additional info. The dispatcher told me they were busy and no one had been sent out yet.

If anyone sees this person, please call the police to report their activity.

The person is white, blond hair, 30ish, about 6 ft tall. They are carrying a clipboard. At the bare minimum, do not provide any info about the security of your home to anyone, unless you are absolutely confident of their intentions.

-neighbor on 10th-

Curtis Park Meter Project–Projected Street Impacts for the Week of July 9

Please be advised the contractors for the City will be installing water mains and limiting access to West Curtis Drive, 7th and 8th Avenues the week of July 9th.

Join us for First Friday Neighborhood Dinner this week, July 6

Welcome all Curtis Park neighbors and other interested parties! First Friday Neighborhood Dinners are a great way to get to know people in the neighborhood in a casual environment as well as get caught up on all the latest news in the community.   This is a fun monthly event for people of all ages and especially families.

Friday, July 6
Curtis Hall at Sierra 2 Center

Hamburger or Veggie Burger with all the fixin’s
Potato Salad
$7 per person

$1 sodas/water
$4 Beer
$5 Wine

Catered by La Famiglia Catering
Live Music by Gary Weinberg (aka GWhiz)
Volunteers: Emmett, Kris and the 5th Avenue Gang