Get to know your business neighbors! An educational forum hosted by the Curtis Park Character Advocates on 8/26

Get to know your Business Neighbors!
Tuesday, Aug. 26
Sierra 2 Center, Curtis Hall

Please join the Curtis Park Character Advocates for an educational forum on local neighborhood businesses on Tuesday, August 26th from 7-9pm in Curtis Hall at Sierra 2. Speakers will include:
• Marti Brown, Executive Director of the North Franklin District

Teresa Rocha, Executive Director of the Broadway Partnership

• Stan Forbes, local small business owner of Avid Reader

Marti and Teresa will give an overview of their respective business organizations and the strategic plans they are implementing. Stan will share his experience as a small business owner and give insights into the benefits of supporting local businesses. Come explore and imagine the possibilities of a Curtis Park business and neighborhood collaboration.

Questions? Contact Rosanna Herber at 451-1682.

**Sierra Curtis Neighborhood Association does not endorse any particular proposal of the Curtis Park Character Advocates, the North Franklin District, the Broadway Partnership nor Avid Reader.


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