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SCNA’s Neighborhood Concerns Committee will meet on Wednesday, 12/3, 7pm, in the Garden Room at Sierra 2 Center

The Sierra Curtis Neighborhood Association’s Neighborhood Concern Committee will hold it’s last meeting of the year on Wednesday, December 3rd at 7:00 pm in the Garden Room at the Sierra 2 Center.

On the agenda:

  • Updates on the Curtis Park Village project.
  • Asking the city to study bike access improvements.
  • Status of the palm tree issue at 21st Street and 2nd Avenue. 3 palm trees were slated to be cut down but after an appeal by SCNA, they are still standing. We will have an update.
  • Adopt-a-park clean-up days for 2015. We will have a general clean up day for William Cutis Park in the spring. Also there are many depressions and holes throughout the park that need to be filled in with dirt. We will work with Parks and Rec and neighborhood volunteers to address this problem.
  • The city is finally installing new drinking fountains in William Curtis Park. New dedicated water lines are being connected and at least one of the fountains will have a dog dish at the base.

Thank you,

NCC Committee