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SCNA Neighborhood Concerns Committee meeting, Wed., 6/26/13

The SCNA Neighborhood Concerns Committee will meet Wednesday, June 26th at 7:00 pm in the Sierra 2 Garden Room. Please attend to learn of issues happening in the neighborhood or to bring issues to the committee.

Agenda topics

CurtisPark Village
Here are links to the revised Routing Packets for the CPV project which describes the proposed modifications (they may take a while to load) :

P13-033 Routing Packet
P13-033 Plans

The applicant is requesting to increase the number of single family homes and reduce the number of multifamily units and overall commercial square footage. Pages 10-11 of the Routing Packet include a summary of changes. Please email and let us know what you think about the changes. We will send out notices if SCNA decides to hold another neighborhood-wide Curtis Park Village meeting.


Armed Robbery in Curtis Park
There was an armed robbery in Curtis Park in the early hours of June 13th. It happened around 12:15 am on 25th Street between Donner Way and 5th Avenue. The robber used a handgun and got away with the victim’s pants, shoes, cell phone and a small amount of money. The robbers (there were 2 other waiting in a car) were not apprehended.Here is a partial description from the Sacramento Police Department’s website:

“The victim was approached by a male Black in his late teens-early twenties who demanded the victim’s clothes. The victim complied and responding officers searched the area. ”

There will be a report on this crime in the July Viewpoint. Please consider starting a Neighborhood Watch group on your block. The Neighborhood Concerns Committee can help you with information on how to get started. Email us at:

Recycling Center at Mercado Loco
We have learned that the CVS corporation has no intention to keep a recycling center there if their project gets approved. There have been complaints lately about the steady stream of people carrying bags and pushing overloaded shopping carts to the current recycling center at the Mercado Loco. That center will go away when the CVS store is built. All of the cans and bottles will still be stolen out of our blue bins, but the migration of thieves will head a different direction.

William Curtis Park Cleanup Days
Thanks again to everyone who has participated in our William Curtis Park cleanup days. Our next park cleanup day will be Saturday, August 10th from 9-12. We hope to see you there.

Neighborhood Concerns Committee
Sierra Curtis Neighborhood Association


Neighborhood Watch Alert: Suspicious man loitering in Curtis Park, approaching women

Neighbors have reported seeing an Hispanic man in a dark green sports car, 1990’s, loitering in Curtis Park trying to expose himself to women.  He approaches women while in his car, calling them over to his car, and then exposes himself when they are close to the car.  If you have any information about this person, please contact Sacramento Police Department.  



National Night Out tonight: Help us Give Crime a Going-Away Party! Sierra 2 Center, Curtis Hall, 6pm-8pm

Join us tonight as we give crime a going-away party!

Sierra 2 center
Curtis Hall

2791 24th Street
Sacramento, Ca 95818

  • Meet and talk to your local Sacramento Police representatives
  • Learn about crime prevention and home safety tips
  • Sign up for Neighborhood Watch
  • Meet SCNA board members and learn more about how to get involved with SCNA and the neighborhood
  • Pick up Child ID kits
  • Games for kids
  • Give aways
  • Refreshments

Other ways to participate in National Night Out

  1. Turn on your porch lights
  2. Lock your doors and windows
  3. Take a flashlight walk around the neighborhood
  4. Spend time outside, on the porch or in your yard
  5. Meet your neighbors
  6. Organize Neighborhood Watch on your street/Become a captain

The City of Sacramento Department of Utilities has just issued this alert for the residents of Curtis Park:

The City of Sacramento Department of Utilities has just issued this alert for the residents of Curtis Park:

We wanted to let you know that we have heard from a few neighbors in the Curtis Park area that there are some people knocking on doors claiming to need access to their homes and properties to “inspect the water line.”

Please help us to remind neighbors that the City and its contractors will not need to access the inside of their homes to do work on the water main construction project currently in the neighborhood. The Contractor, T&S Construction, will need access to their front and back yards, but a 7-day and then a 24-hour notification in the form of a door hanger will be delivered to the homeowner in advance of accessing back yards.   


All City employees and the project inspector, Annie Martin who is an employee of Psomas, will wear ID badges and drive vehicles labeled as a City vehicle or a Psomas truck.  T&S Construction employees drive trucks labeled “T&S Construction”.

If you are approached by someone needing access to your home or yard, please ask to see ID. If you are at all uncomfortable, deny access to the property and contact the police department and the City’s Project Manager, Paul Barnes at 808-1442 or Michelle Carrey 808-1438.

SCNA’s Neighborhood Concerns Committee meets this Wednesday, 7/25, at 7pm; Agenda includes Crime and Water Main Project updates

The next SCNA Neighborhood Concerns Committee meeting will be Wednesday, July 25th at 7:00 in the Garden Room at Sierra 2 Center.
Lots of stuff going on this month. The water main project is moving forward and we are hearing about more and more crime in the neighborhood.
1. Water Main Project
    You have probably seen construction on the Water Main project in the Southwest part of Curtis Park. The main water lines in the streets are being replaced, and new water meters will be installed. The project will soon move to other areas including Sutterville Road next   week. We will have representatives from the City of Sacramento and the project Construction Manager at our Wednesday meeting to discuss the work being done now and in the future. They will give us an overview of the project and an updated timeline. They can also answer
     questions like:

          When will the City repave the streets where the water main has already been replaced?

          What kind of access is needed for the City to read the new meters?

          What happens when the water main is in an alley? Where will the meter be installed and will the construction crew need to get into our backyards?

           If someone is on vacation, and doesn’t get the notice to move their vehicle, what will happen?

          How are trees being protected from damage during construction? (A backhoe knocked off some large branches at the beginning of construction).

2. Crime

 We need more Neighborhood Watch groups in Curtis Park and a more efficient way to communicate with each other about crime. For example, apparently 2 young guys on bicycles have been circling the neighborhood and breaking into houses. They first knock to see if anyone is home and they ask if you need some yard work done.  Another suspicious guy is going door to door and claims to work for a home alarm company, but he only seems to be gathering personal information and not really selling anything.  There have been 5 burglary attempts on Marshall in one week. Cars that are left open are being ransacked, etc., etc.

Please come to the meeting and help us with your ideas about what we can do to lower crime in Curtis Park. We need long-term, active participation from more neighbors. We will also have more information about the anti-crime National Night Out on August 7th. SCNA will be hosting an NNO meeting at the Sierra 2 Center. We need volunteers for this event.

If you are the victim of a crime and you think your neighbors should know about it, please email us with information after you’ve contacted the police.

Thanks, hope to see you on Wednesday.

John Mathews

Neighborhood Concerns Committee

Sierra Curtis Neighborhood Association

WARNING theft/break-in on 24th Street

A Curtis Park neighbor who lives on 5th Avenue near 24th Street came home to find it had been broken into. Most important thing taken was her iMac which is crucial to her livelihood. Someone said that two boys on bicycles were around at the time she had left for a lunch appointment around midday. The police said someone had seen two boys on bicycles carrying computers were seen around the neighborhood. 

Keep an eye out for two boys on bikes, and make sure your house is locked up whenever you leave. They had obviously watched and waited until the neighbor left her house, then broke in through a window.
If you see these boys please call the police so the boys’ most recent location can be noted. 
The boys are African American, or at least one of them is.

**ALERT: suspicious activity in Curtis Park**

I am sending this out to you because I do not know another way to get this info out to neighbors in a timely fashion.

Today I saw someone walking down our street (10th Ave, between W Curtis and 24th) at about 1:45pm. The person was standing in front of peoples homes and taking notes. I approached the person and asked him why he was writing down info about each home. He told me he was working for a security company installing security systems and showed me a brochure. Give that his brochure was old and beat up, I was rather suspicious of his story and returned to my house to call the police. I reported the activity to the dispatcher and she said she would send out a patrol car to investigate.

Approx 15 minutes later, I saw my neighbor across the street. I went to ask her about her impressions of the person. She was confused by my question – she kept saying, “you mean yesterday”. I said, “no, just 15 minutes ago”. I told her I saw the person standing on her porch writing things down. She said that was strange given that she had talked with him yesterday, answering a bunch of questions about her security system. Today, he was clearly on her porch at least 3 minutes today taking notes and he did not ring her doorbell. She also told me she “had a bad feeling” yesterday after he left. I called the dispatcher back and reported the additional info. The dispatcher told me they were busy and no one had been sent out yet.

If anyone sees this person, please call the police to report their activity.

The person is white, blond hair, 30ish, about 6 ft tall. They are carrying a clipboard. At the bare minimum, do not provide any info about the security of your home to anyone, unless you are absolutely confident of their intentions.

-neighbor on 10th-

West Nile Virus Around Curtis Park

Dear Curtis Park Neighbors-

A neighbor found 4 sick/dead crows in or around his yard in the last 10 days. Two birds were tested for WNV. Both birds returned positive results for infection.

If you see any sick/dead birds or squirrels please report them to the Mosquito & Vector Control ( Please pass along this information to your neighbors.

For more info. and FAQ’s regarding WNV, please see The California Department of Public Health West Nile Virus Website

We’ll keep you informed if we learn anything more regarding Vector Control counter-measures in our neighborhood.


Daytime Robbery at 24th Street and Coleman Way, Thursday, April 12

Neighbors on 24th Street near Coleman Way got robbed yesterday, April 12, in broad daylight.  This is the fourth 24th street resident to get hit during the day in less than a month.  Also, neighbors have reported transients shooting up, doing drugs in alleys and behind trash cans on 24th. 

Please maintain vigilance and contact Sacramento Police Department if you see anything that looks suspicious.  The best line of defense against these types of crimes is a neighborhood that is observant, working together, and pro-active.  


Crime Alert: Break-in on 24th Street near Paul V Salon

Two men in their late teens or early 20’s, one Caucasion and one African-American, were seen jumping fences in backyards along 24th Street.  They were knocking on back doors and windows and finally broke into a home around 3:00pm today.  Police were dispatched and searched the neighborhood.  The men were wearing navy blue hoodies. If you have any information about this incident, please contact Sacramento Police.