5 responses to “Contact”

  1. murpete says :

    The latest Viewpoint asserted that this blog would be a forum for discussion of First Friday. It is not self-evident easily discernible how one initiates a post. If this is the way,then I would begin with the comment that one reason for faltering attendance is the long series of interruptions of the First Friday events. Consistency was a vital part in making the event popular in the first place.

    Dan Murphy

    • Curtis Park News says :

      Thanks for the note, Dan. There will be a survey and link installed this week. We targeted Feb. 1 as the start date of the survey. In the meantime, I will incorporate your input with others I have received already. SCNA

  2. Hilary says :

    When is there going to be discussion on the traffic situation? Noticing as the signs go up on the site that two 24th streets will be converging between 5th Ave & Portola? Can’t quite figure it out but looking like 24th to be a major thoroughfare? And does SCNA have any plans (along with Jay)to pressure some enforcement of current traffic infrastructure? Please neighbors, let’s be more mindful ourselves of the stop signs and speed limits?The stop signs from Sutterville all the way to Broadway on 24th have become a joke – can’t imagine once the traffic has increased 2 fold…scary Will really determine how much of a neighborhood we stay….Lastly, the pic of Petrovich so charitably handing over a check to the Sac Tree Foundation should have been annotated as the FINE it really was – and what a cheap price to pay for “50 crappy trees”.

  3. Nathan Fairwell says :

    My name is Nathan Fairwell and I live at 2954 24th St. with my fiancé Holland Terpstra. I’m excited to announce that we will getting married in our front yard on Oct. 24th at 4:00pm. When deciding on a venue to take our vows, neither one of us could come up with a better place then the neighborhood we absolutely love.
    There will be 80 people in attendance I hope this does not cause any parking burdens for our neighbors. If you feel you are anyone might be negatively effected, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.
    Also, I’m not sure if a wedding is ‘Curtis Park Viewpoint’ news worthy but we would be honored to give the ‘Viewpoint’ an exclusive expose’ on the 24th-complete with photographs and interviews.

  4. Bruce Pierini says :

    Congratulations and thanks for the notice!

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